2NE1 Dara - Me2day PHOTO updates! 09/11/09

Nov 9, 2009

Dara: Look at me go~!!! Kkk

Oh my. Dara looks so stunning.
She's so pretty with her curly hair and an apple head hairstyle ~ ♥
and where are you going? Probably to the airport or maybe in Japan? Lol. I kid.

Dara: Look, I’m breathing healthily~~~!!! ^.^

Good to know you're still healthy Dara~!
I'm sure someone would be happy to know that. ~.^

Dara: BEWARE COUPLES! Whether you play hide and seek with your bf/gf or run away from your bf/gf you should be careful! otherwise you will find yourself with your head and a "BANG" on the wall.

Have you tried doing that with your BF (cough) Jiyong (cough) Haha. I kid.

Dara's me2day update + Translations: AA-Chan and ncly's friend Jin Seo

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