Dara's fan message to Hyori way back 2003

Nov 17, 2009

Finally, someone translated it. Since we all have witnessed in Family Outing how Sandara Park revealed that she's a big fan of Lee Hyori way back when she was younger and then blaming Hyori for Dara's short height.

Netizens seem interested about this and took their time on finding Dara's fan message to Hyori's fan cafe way back 2003.

I know that Hyori unnie will come here to the Philippines
You will come to me! ke ke ke
I will have seen you only after one year +.+ (I still don't know whether I will see you or not -_-;;)
But even then ㅠ.ㅠ huk huk it's okay~!
Should I bring a banner when you arrive in the airport or should I wait -_-?
ke ke It is a bit strange to have a banner when you are still oversease ke ke
I have even written you letters
Like you~!

Last year, I went to Korea on May 1st and from that day spent many long nights waiting in front of Hyori unni’s house T__T But this year, I can’t even budge from my house because of SARS T__T But no matter what, before the Dream Concert happen, I will go to Korea so I can go and watch it to see her. Hyori unni, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^.^ You were born to be loved <~~~ This was what I was going to write on my big sign this year to go T__T (And then Dara writes in the next two lines something about her sign the year before and that it wasn’t good but she hoped that if Hyori saw, she could’ve just laughed it off? Not sure- I’ll translate when I find out exactly. If anybody knows, please help?) Anyway…be happy, Hyori unni ♥♥♥ And please come out soon with your solo album!! And then there were some replies on her message from other fans about how the SARS excuse seems like BS and Dara replied to them (arrows pointing tho her replies: I told you, I don’t care about it (SARS) but my parents are the ones that won’t let me go -_____-;; Do you know how much I begged them for me to go? TT__TT Ahhh, I’m going to run away from home!!

Seems that explains why Dara's trying her best to communicate with her fans through her Me2day updates and the like. She knows what it feels like to be a fan too. Sweet Dara, she's really a huge fan of Hyori, no? I actually love the second message she posted. I think it's funny. Lol.

Hyori-Dara hwaiting~!

CREDITS to Allkpop + eleven for the CAPS and translations

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