Sandara Park brought a penguin with her

Nov 17, 2009

Yes, her penguin hat from their newest Baskin Robbins CF that is. Dara just recently updated her Me2day saying "Hi there~!? I’m Ssan-penguin~!^.^ MAMA practice is over and I’m back in the apartment…We did well today and finished early! Today is pook~!! I want to eat ice cream…I’m hiding under the covers again today like before!^.^/"

They're practicing quite hard for the MAMA event, good thing they're able to finish their practice early today so the girls could get enough sleep. Her penguin hat looks so cute by the way, and Dara looks cute with it too. Now, speaking of ice cream, I'm starting to crave for it too. -_-

CREDITS: Dara's Me2day + Translation: AA-Chan

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