Shine A Light Concert Review: Hello Dara, Hello GD!

Dec 11, 2009

Despite being hit with controversial issues for the better part of this year, fans seem to find it impossible to hate Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon. His first solo concert, Shine A Light, garnered a lot of love from the fans and spectators, despite the many controversies that encompassed the shows.

Hello, Dara!

Hello” was performed live, featuring Sandara Park, who appeared from below the stage’s right-hand corner. The cute living “doll” Dara, performed a cute and enthusiastic couple dance number with G-Dragon in a musical style, amidst the strong applause and cheers from the audience, although a few of the female spectators surely got jealous over their amazing rapport. The two’s couple dance is reminiscent of one scene in the popular musical.

No wonder it took us after three (3) days to finally get a fan cam, and yet there was only one (1) fan cam that has been released. Was it because the security got really tight only in Hello performance that is why there was only one fan who was able to record it out of thousands of fans who attended? Or maybe the fans just did not want to upload the fan cams they have of Hello cause they can't take their jealous off? Haha! But either way, I'm happy that I was able to watch the fan cam, so for the person who was brave enough to upload it and share it everyone, Kudos to you!

But I do understand the fans getting jealous, I mean, I would too but since Dara's the girl then it's fine with me. I like her, and G-Dragon and her would be a perfect couple nonetheless.

Source: Newsen
Translated by: Belle –, aka knucklepink

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