2NE1 Me2day Dara - Japan, here we go!

Feb 8, 2010

Seems like our girls has arrived in Japan? Or they're leaving for Japan? Keke~! I love Dara's shades by the way. Looks good on her. "Tada~!!! Since everyone might enjoy this, so we decided to take a group pic~! Follow-follow me~! Hehe… Please keep supporting 2NE1 in 2010~ ok?! Eheheheheheh~!" Yes, we'll follow follow you!

Ah~! Nice shot Darong! ^^, "We are on plane~!!! This is first oversea schedule ever since last year's Korea-China Gayo festival~! We will go to Japan and come back after showing'em awesome performance~! We will be leaving Korea for couple days… Please keep supporting us~ ^.^ ♥" Have fun with your trip/performance in Japan! Please come back in Korea quickly!

FEB 08, 2010

A photo of Darong's little brother ─ Thunder. She said "Another picture found! I like this picture ke On New Years, wearing new clothes, went to a tree and just had to put my brother up there to take a picture.. ke He couldn't find his balance so I went to his side and helped! Scared little brother... I played a lot with him [when we were little].. ^^ sigh... oo-jjoo-jjoo-jjoo-jjoo!" Aww. Isn't he cute?? And sister Darong is such an ideal sister, no? kkk!

Darong reminiscing her childhood memories, eh? So cute! Darong said "As I was sifting through old pictures at home I found this keke This was on Children's Day when Dal-ong was 10 years old with some younger friends at the zoo but who is that kid?! hehe really small kekeke right now [he] is much taller than his sister...But there was a time he was that small.. ke didn't he grow a lot? ke" Yes, your brother grew a lot!!

FEB 07, 2010

"Dwen-jang's girl Dal ong~! keke (it means that I like dwen-jang a lot!) Today I went to a university to watch my friend's play production~~~ also went shopping~~~ ate yummy meant~~~ and came back to the dorms! ^.^ It was fun, today was a beautiful Sunday~!!!!" Hmmm. Who's your friend, Dara? kkk! Seems like your having a date with your friend there. Oh well, you've been into glasses lately, huh? Haha! Cute!!

[T/N: Dwen-jang is like that bean paste soup thing that Koreans eat a lot...kind of like Korean version of miso soup? ...sorry at my translation fail -__-'']

"Oh my Tamtam has grown so much... In a blink of the eye tam tam has grown taller than his/her moms...kekeke" Haha! Don't feed Tamtamii too much or Tamtamii would become a GIANT! keke!

Dara's Me2day + Translated by: lovesong @ ygsecret21 + BK! @ YGLadies.com

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