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Nov 12, 2009

Before I go to sleep, I'll share you something that has been found by an Appler (Daragon fan) just about a month ago. She found one Korean site, who was able to read Dara's message board on her Cyworld minihompy and seems to be quite intrigued about Dara's friends who left her messages there especially on G-Dragon's post.

(Click to view larger and NO HOT LINKING please)

Some of our Applers were able to help us translate the CAPS that the author posted. I made my own caps and included the two translations provided by the two Applers who helped us translate it. Read the legend on the lower left of the image. Only the ones from the image are translated and the translators wasn't able to translate the author's notes.

Unfortunately, as I have visited that site today, the author has removed/restricted that entry which I no longer have access to that page, neither anyone of you. If you'd like to check the site, you can visit it here: http://blog.daum.net/ekthf7518

But on the brighter side, I have found some sites that has similar entries. You can check it for yourself. Visit the links below:
We can only see G-Dragon's messages for Dara there. Notice the message written before his name, the one which is included in the parentheses, it's written as "an oppa-like dongsaeng". Here's Belle-unnie aka knucklepink's little Korean lesson for us.

GD posted a message that said he could be an "oppa-like dongsaeng" to Dara..meaning, that even though he's young, he can still be an "oppa" to dara...

please indulge me this one time (aisht! sorry for sounding like a stupid lecturer on a boring language subject, feel free to kick me, now im posting this for those who don't know or understand yet, but for those who do, you can tell me to shut up..kekekeke): now, in korea, the word "oppa" may mean two different things...its mostly used connotation is that of a female's "older brother" kinda like "kuya" in the philippines...the other meaning of "oppa" pertains to a male special someone, a girl's lover, if you will...

now, the two meanings are not exclusive, or inclusive of the other..lots of older females call their sweethearts "oppa" even though they're older, meaning that they use the second connotation of the word, that means the guy is someone "special" to them...while the rest of the girls use the word "oppa" in its first meaning, as an older male...

a clearer example: who here watched Stairway to heaven? Choi Ji-Woo's character calls two males "oppa": her loveteam and her step-brother..she has romantic feelings for one, but not for the other, but calls them both "oppa" anyway, but the distinction is very clear...

in the case of Dara and GD: well, i think GD may pertain to the first connotation of "oppa." look at his structure, he said "oppa-like dongsaeng" the word "dongsaeng" means someone younger (in age), meaning that GD considers himself as someone who acts older than dara, but is actually younger..it may mean that he thinks that he acts and thinks more mature than Dara, who is older than him...

or he might mean the second connotation of "oppa", meaning that he would like to be a "special someone" to Dara..

it can easily mean one or the other, but not one AND the other, because the connotative meanings are far too different...kekekeke...

In either way, it's a good thing, right? Now the next thing is, G-Dragon mentioned Park Han Byul - Se7en's girlfriend. Since we already know that G-Dragon, Se7en and Sandara Park used to hang out often before, then it might also be possible that even Park Han Byul is one of their close friends as well. Probably, these four were already close back then.

His first message from the archive seems to be about Dara applying at YGE again. G-Dragon surely wants Dara to work at YGE, no? He did helped Dara pursue her singing career from the past along with Se7en.

The most intriguing message was about the 'soy sauce crab paste'. I wonder what it means from them? A code that only the two of them knows. Interesting...

His last message was on October 30, 2005 in which Dara was already back in Philippines at that time. I would like to favor more of the purple translation, in which he said he went to Byul's place and saw Dara's picture there dot dot dot dot... Seems to me that he misses Dara already, no?

Since a lot of people has been doubting if G-Dragon and Dara are really close, well I guess this one would help you think otherwise. We've been having some hints that they are indeed close with each other such as one article in which Sandara Park said that she is closest to G-Dragon and Taeyang, the time where she shared in Strong Hearts that she's been going to karaoke with Se7en and G-Dragon back when they were still trainees, and who would ever forget the infamous chili pepper dare where G-Dragon saved Dara from eating those spicy foods? Not to mention their pre-debut photo taken from an amusement park.

Notice on the right pic, where she's sitting beside a person who's wearing a black top. There were only two people who's wearing black at that time, Yongbae and Jiyong. But Yongbae was seated at the back, that leaves us no other than Jiyong who's sitting right beside Sandara. (thanks quirkyromantic for the tip)

It seems like they've been a really close friends way back 2005. One problem is, we barely see them act close together on cam, which makes it more interesting.

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